Corporate Governance

By Christine Mallin
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Christine Mallin
Oxford Univ Pr
Release Date:
February 6, 2019
Written by leading subject expert Christine Mallin, Corporate Governance combines clear, accessible discussion of theory with a wealth of contemporary, global examples to introduce students to both the essential principles of the subject and how they apply in practice. In addition, broad coverage of international attitudes and approaches to governance allow students to develop a wider understanding of business issues in an increasingly globalized world.

The complexities of socially responsible investment in Myanmar, L'Oreal's celebrated sustainability programme, and the leadership problems at South Korea's Samsung are just some of the new and updated case studies for the sixth edition, ensuring examples are not just relevant but topical too. In addition, Financial Times articles reporting on issues and events as diverse as the gender pay gap, shareholder rebellions, and legal action on climate change accompany chapters, providing further real-life examples of theory in practice.

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