Corporate Social Responsibility: Win-win Propositions for Communities, Corporates and Agriculture

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November 30, 2018
This book examines the design and implementation of corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities in rural areas, based on collaboration between well-known corporates and an international research organization. Researchers used various scientific tools and methods to enhance rural livelihoods and improve sustainable natural resources management. Including three chapters covering the philosophy and practices of CSR, this book covers emerging policies and their implications in India. Eight case studies based on actual practices explore climate-resilient agriculture, water footprint, improving livelihoods, diversification of crop pattern, enhancing crop productivity, and sustainable development in low rainfall regions. Five further chapters cover soil health improvement, improving rural wastewater management and enhancing rural livelihoods, based on various case studies. The book offers macro and micro perspectives of CSR work and its critical benefits to both community and natural resources.

This book covers:

- Philosophy and practices of corporate social responsibility
- Impact studies on improving livelihoods and sustainable development of natural resources
- Process steps across various CSR initiatives
- Distinct features of each corporate agency

This book will be useful to corporates, individuals involved in CSR work as well as students and researchers focused on agricultural development and the sustainable development of natural resources.