You Gotta Get Up: Grab Hold of Your Life After Being Knocked Down, Held Back, and Left Out

By Kimberly Jones
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Pastor and popular social media influencer Kimberly Jones, known by millions as Real Talk Kim, shows readers how to break free from feeling stuck, seek God's healing, and boldly live out their abundant purpose. 

Real Talk Kim knows that pain can hold us captive. Our past mistakes tell us to blame others or to turn to a temporary fix that often becomes a permanent solution. Eventually, we feel trapped and stuck, and Satan persuades us to dress it up and call it home. When our emotional pain becomes our new normal, we confuse our current circumstances with God's good. But He is ready and waiting to miraculously redeem us if we reach for it.

In You Gotta Get Up, Real Talk Kim shows us how to define what needs to change in our lives and then shows us how to bring Him our broken pieces. She unpacks the faulty thinking patterns that keep us stuck and replaces them with God's truth. With a new mindset and the compassion of the Holy Spirit, we can build resilient strength and live in freedom. God wants to give us healing by His grace, lead us into forgiveness, and guide us into an abundant life.   

Through her years pastoring, mothering, and living, Real Talk Kim has witnessed the freedom God brought when she took responsibility for her own healing. Even though getting unstuck takes a crazy amount of willpower, she knows we're only stuck if we've stopped moving. Through our faith in God, we can boldly tell Satan to "Shut up and move out of the way!" Real Talk Kim proclaims, "It's not too late. You're not too far gone. Hope is not too far away--you gotta get up and get it!"