Satan's Dare: A Novel

By Jim Demint
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Release Date:
May 19, 2021
Fidelis Publishing

The Bible is often presented as an antiquated document filled with mysterious prophesies, unbelievable fables, and arbitrary decisions by a God whose actions range from anger and vengeance to love and forgiveness. The Bible’s creation story appears to be at complete odds with more credible scientific explanations of the origins and evolution of life, and believers in Biblical truth are further challenged by haunting questions about why a good God would create a world so full of evil, pain, suffering, and death. Satan’s Dare takes these issues and questions head on.

Endorsements for Satan’s Dare – Jim DeMint

“Christians are losing the cultural and political battles in America because we are not defending
the basic truths of our faith. Satan’s Dare is a powerful story that will confirm the faith of
Christians and challenge skeptics to search for real truth.”—Dr. M. G. “Pat” Robertson,
founder/chairman The Christian Broadcasting Network, Inc.

“There is more truth in this novel than just about any nonfiction book I’ve read. I recommend
Satan’s Dare to every person who wants to strengthen their faith in God and to every person who
is searching for truth.”— Josh McDowell, Josh McDowell Ministries

“The great contest being waged in America is not political. It’s theological. The Far Left has
made ‘Secular Progressivism’ their creed and are using political power as the weapon to spread
their beliefs. Christians are losing the political battle because we are not defending the principles
of our faith. Satan’s Dare is a powerful story, inspiring every Christian to stand up for
Truth.”—LtCol Oliver L. North USMC (Ret), best-selling author of The Rifleman and host of the
Real American Heroes series.

“Satan’s Dare is different from any other Jim DeMint book, and it very well may be his most
important.”—Glenn Beck, Blaze Media

“If you’re a skeptic, Satan’s Dare will help answer your questions. If you’re a believer, it will
help equip you for the days we’re living in. If you’re a reader, this novel will hold you
spellbound with its emotional, real-life twists and turns. Jim DeMint has created a much-needed,
timely resource for all!”—Steve Berger, founding pastor, Grace Chapel, Franklin, TN