The Future of Chinese Manufacturing: Employment and Labour Challenges

By Tachia Chin
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Tachia Chin
Elsevier Science Ltd
Release Date:
May 26, 2018

The Future of Chinese Manufacturing: Employment and Labour Challenges gives context and analysis on employment and labor issues in contemporary China, specifically relating to manufacturing industries. With one fifth of the world’s workforce, China has taken advantage of its cheap labor to serve as the world’s factory, achieving stunning growth for two decades. This book covers the appreciation of RMB, constant increases in minimum wage, shortages of skilled workers in China's labor-intensive manufacturing sector, and the fact that many large multinational corporations (MNCs) must cut costs, and are thus shifting their main production bases to other developing countries.

Under such a tough situation, and coupled with the global economic slowdown, manufacturing employment in China confronts severe labor-related challenges, such as high turnover rates, recruitment difficulties for workers, and a series of high profile labor strikes and publicity concerning working conditions.

  • Integrates human capital and cultural theories
  • Analyzes looming labor unrest and related workforce issues in China through a unique context-specific lens
  • Explores the roles that Chinese institutions and culture play in resolving problems related to these issues