The Power of Pressure

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August 31, 2021

Be energized, but not overwhelmed

What's the most pressure you've ever been under? How did you react? What helped? What didn't? Over the past five years, Dane Jensen has asked these questions of thousands of high performers--from Olympic gold medalists to Navy SEALs, politicians, executives and busy parents. What has emerged from these conversations is that while everyone's experiences under pressure are unique, pressure follows patterns and develops in predictable ways. If we can recognize the patterns, we can improve our ability to sidestep the biological traps that can sabotage us--and use the energy that accompanies pressure to thrive. The Power of Pressure combines the insights gathered from Jensen's work with the latest research in biology and neuroscience to help you

  • understand and use the "pressure equation" of importance, uncertainty and volume
  • escape the traps of pressure with effective tools and tactics
  • be ambidextrous so that you can handle pressure both in peak pressure moments and over the long haul
  • reduce tension, sleep better and have more energy so that you can meet challenges head-on
  • recognize pressure moments so that you can prepare for when you will likely the feel the heat
  • leverage strategies so that you can give everything you've got when it's most important

And more! How we navigate our highest-pressure moments has a huge impact on the overall trajectory of our lives, both in terms of how successful we are and how much we enjoy the journey along the way.