Understanding Health Information Systems for the Health Professions

By Jean A Balgrosky
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Jean A Balgrosky
Jones & Bartlett Learning
Release Date:
September 15, 2020
Written for those who will be responsible for planning and managing systems and information in health systems and provider organizations, Health Information Systems for the Health Professions empowers them and their organizations with information necessary to be agile and responsive in a difficult and volatile regulatory market and time of technological evolution.

Health Information Systems for the Health Professions covers the principles of HIS planning and management to help organizations achieve cost-effectiveness, quality improvement, efficiency, population health management, patient engagement, and prevention, enabled by technology, data, and analytics. These skills are increasingly needed for institutional survival in a continuously changing healthcare landscape.

Beginning with the changing context of health care for health information systems, the text moves onto clarify the vital relationship of health information systems to the strategy and evolution of the organization in enabling value-based care and preparing for population health management and digital health. Subsequently, it describes the mission-critical nature of this alignment of systems to strategy. Finally, it provides the management tools and techniques to accomplish the proper planning, management, organization, and stewardship of health systems.

• Case examples demonstrate not only on what makes for a success, but also failure, so that student learning is rooted in the reality of systems use in organizations.
• Numerous graphics, exercises and case examples enhance the text, clarifying and reinforcing concepts presented.
• Robust Instructor's Resource package including instructor's guides, PowerPoint slides, and a test bank with over 1,000 questions.