We'll Laugh About This Someday (5-Copy Pre-Order Bonus Bundle)

By Anna Lind Thomas
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Thomas Nelson
Release Date:
September 14, 2021
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Pre-order this 5-pack of We'll Laugh About This Someday: Essays on Taking Life a Smidge Too Seriously by Anna Lind Thomas, and receive the following exclusive bonus items:

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About the Book:

From popular humor writer and social media sensation Anna Lind Thomas comes an essay collection that is sure to make you laugh, cry, and cry from laughing as you discover how to take life a smidge less seriously.

The woman known for the viral story "The Fart That (Almost) Altered My Destiny" brings her endearing brand of anything-goes, slapstick humor to her first book, We'll Laugh About This (Someday). Whether she's coping with the "hysteria bandwagon" that permeates social media; recounting the time her epidural worked a little too well; or sharing about the night she and her husband panicked over a suspected intruder--what do we do with our hands?--only to discover the loud noise that had pierced the night came from their kids' toys falling in the bathtub, Anna Lind Thomas is deft at telling the truth as she sees it, even if it later proves to be a wee bit of an overreaction.

In her down-to-earth style, Thomas pokes fun at herself--her propensity to dispense questionable dating advice to friends, including the time she urged her former prom date to break up with the singer who would later become Lady Gaga (oops), and her parenting paranoia, realized after buying nearly every child safety product known to humankind. Readers will savor her emotional, faith-filled inspiration and will appreciate her reminder not to take life too seriously. After all, she says, sweating the big stuff and the small stuff only produces a life full of sweating, which is a real problem since apparently deodorant can give us breast cancer.